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Magic on the Air

Magic on the Air

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Hardcover book, 273 pages. Also available as an ebook and from Amazon.

Radio has a following of thousands of listeners. It is a powerful promotional vehicle for magicians that the magic press have long neglected.

Combining the extensive research of Ian Fenn with the previously unpublished thoughts of Arthur Setterington, this book aims to help magicians make the most of this challenging medium.

It’s not merely a book of tricks. It’s intended to give you the information you need to create your own routines that will turn listeners into clients or live audiences.


- Introduction
- History of radio magic
- Opportunities in radio today
- Creating radio magic
- Elevating your radio magic
- At the radio studio

- Routine ideas from “Friday Pie”

- Recommended reading
- Bibliography.

Inside the book, you'll find 20 photographs and 17 previously unseen illustrations by magician Ken de Courcy.

Of the history section by Ian Fenn, David Berglas MBE said, “It’s unbelievable. It's really fantastic. I'm sure there's not been anything like it before. I can't believe how much you've researched. Incredible.”

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About the authors

Ian Fenn is a recognised historian of radio magic. He is an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle. Arthur Setterington was a prolific inventor and writer of magic. He passed away in 2006, aged 81. He was a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

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